Bits & Pieces

Founded by husband and wife team Carlos & Casey Lopez.

We are obsessed with classic design driven goods that possess a sense of comfort & quality.

There is an inherent truth and honesty in simplicity...

We looked to cut through the noise and curate collections of clean straightforward, classic, sophisticated styles, to make it easier for guys (big & small) to obtain great style.

Felix is a modern American lifestyle shop, both modern and nostalgic, with a unique sense of cool and comfortable style.

Our curated collection consists of simple styles that will act as a reflection of your personal brand & identity.

Felix is about timeless product. It is forever young, irreverent, but still sophisticated, offering the very best in fit and quality.

Classic, cool and comfortable mean something different to each of us and it cannot be defined or judged by material wealth and it’s never been about fashion...

It will always be about style.



Q. What's your "go to" drink?

A. Casey - Red Wine

A. Carlos - Bourbon

Q. What's your guilty pleasure?

A. Casey - Reality Television

Q. What are you listening to on repeat?

A. Casey - "Hard Knock Life" / Jay Z

A. Carlos - "Love$ick" / Mura Masa 

Q. What's your "signature" look?

A. Casey - All black everything

A. Carlos - Layers

Q. Favorite sound?

A. C&C - Our children laughing

Q. What's your favorite city?

A. Casey - NYC

A. Carlos - LA